Monday, 24 January 2011


Hey y'all! Just in case few of you haven't heard of the music gene pool's latest creation: Moombahton. We are here to educate you!

According to Wikipedia:
Moombahton (pronounced "Moom-bah-TONE") is a genre of EDM that was created by American Dave Nada at a homecoming party for his younger cousin in Washington in the fall of 2009. The specific event that stimulated NADA's development of the Moombahton genre was his slowing the Afrojack remix of the Silvio Ecomo & DJ Chuckie song "Moombah" to 108 beats per minute. Because that tempo nears that of reggaeton, Nada created "Moombahton" by combining the title of the track "Moombah" and the "ton" ending of the word "reggaeton" and applied it to his new genre.

Doctor P - Big Boss (Cam Jus Moombahton Edit)

Also: a couple more artists to look out for at the moment in Moombahton;



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