Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Da Hectic Sound!

Hey GuGu Bloggers! Today we bring you manaman like Hectic! Smashing it up up the UK at the mo, we seriously recommend you check him out:

Hectic's music fits into many different genres from drum & bass to house to dubstep and grime. He has been releasing a steady stream of EPs, remixes and singles over the last few years including the latest effort, Start Here EP, out this month on We Are Live records.

Other releases include:

In The Mix Pit:

Vector EP


A collection of remixes by Hectic from The Prodigy album, Invaders Must Die, is now available for FREE! Download this EP, Invaders Must Die Remixed, from the following link:

Track List:
Invaders Must Die (Hectic Remix)
Omen (Hectic Remix)
Thunder (Hectic Remix)
Take Me To The Hospital (Hectic Remix)

Also, check out Hectic's free app for all you iPhone users. Available in the App Store now!


Get on these tracks and show some love!


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