Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The Kurly Hype!

This week we bring you an interview with a Lesta MC: Kurly Hypa. He has been killing the dance all over the country recently, and has even supported Caspa in Bournemouth! We asked him about how he got into MCing, what his influences are and what his plans are for 2011.

I'm kurly hypa, a 21 year old MC from Braunstone, Leicester.

I first got into mcing and writing lyrics in school, just because it was a thing that everyone did. I ran with it because I was getting better and better. My main influences would be a lot of uk hip hop people initially, Mystro, Jehst and Taskforce. Since i started taking writing grime seriously, I really admire Skepta's wit and simplicity but probably my biggest influence is Kano.

I consider myself a recording artist, and enjoy the process of writing and recording the most. I have had 4 solo mixtapes to date, I really enjoy the simplicity of recording what I want when I want. I work closely with dubstep producer Boy Kid Cloud a lot of the time and have featured on a few of his mixtapes and e.p releases. He is my tag team partner, I host a lot of his shows, and record a lot of work with him. We have had a number of bookings to date, from a residency at superfly in leicester to supporting Caspa at the O2 arena in Bournmouth. I've also worked with Subtactix from London and the Kutting Beatz crew from Loughborough.

I've got a few things coming up over the next few months, more stuff with boy kid cloud, and I'm working on a couple of different mixtapes. I'm going to try and shoot my first ever music video too for a track from my new mixtape "don dilla 3". To keep an eye on progress, add me HERE!

Kurly Hypa's new Mixtape "Don Dilla 3" can be found on his Soundcloud

Also we've got some GuGu official tings for you right here!


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