Thursday, 26 August 2010


Hey y'all! Im back to bring you some tunes as murky as the weather in LE4 at the moment! To cheer myself up i've been trawling around on soundcloud and have found this badaman right here!

Going by the name of Dub-Rex, and hailing from Antwerp in Belgium, this guy has some mighty fine filth to show, influenced by 16bit, Borgore, Funtcase, Cookie Monsta, Datsik and Tek-One to name but a few, the sound he's smashing at the moment brought on an instant bass face....!

Now I've been given a few tracks to share with you by this man, so massive respect to him for that!

Dont forget to check his soundcloud and facebook pages for news/releases!

I'm sure this guys gonna be pretty massive soon so keep your eyes on him! For now, check these tracks out:

Download: Dub-Rex - Stab ya brain <----Personal fave....dirty as fuck! :D

Until next time GuGu mandem!

Jake x

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Stenchman - Free Album

Hey GuGu Blog crewdem. First off let me apologise for a lack of posts from myself recently, i've been busy sorting out some big GuGu events (which start this October - More information will be on the blog very soon!) but i'm back with a load of music for you guys.

I'm sure most dubstep fans know who Stenchman is by now so I won't babble on about him too much. The exciting news is he's giving away an album for free with some seriously weighty messy tracks! We've got it here for you to download too, of course. Big ups to Stenchman!


1 - Too Filled With Horror To Cry
2 - Prime Time Swine
3 - Archangel Remix
4 - Everything
5 - Cockeck
6 - Putrid Creature VIP
7 - Banks Of The Nile
8 - Lisztomania Remix
10 - Fuck Off
11 - Overtaker
12 - New Socks Two Socks
13 - Gutfucker VIP
14 - Gypsy Tart

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Dan Thomas!

Electro lovers.. if you haven't heard of this guy then you best get to know!!! The filthiest tunes since the bubonic plague!

As a Producer and Engineer, Dan’s ability to create floor-filling bass lines fused with his uplifting cutting edge production style are just some of the factors making him an established name in today’s dance scene.
Continuing 2009’s success of Dan’s remix for EMI records He has seen 2010 begin with Radio 1 ‘primetime’ airplay by Judge Jules, A Beatport recommendation as “must hear track of the week “ and a track featured on the internationally acclaimed DMC Miami 2010 Buzz Mix and now also has a track on the forthcoming DMC IBIZA buzz mix! The start of the year has also seen consistent high download rates on all major download sites,album features and his website;, receive constant hits -...Dan has also just signed a 2year publishing deal with 'Hookline and Singer' a part of the acclaimed "notting hill" and is working alongside the best in the industry producing for both commercial and underground scenes!
Seriously lads and ladies, this guy is one to watch!!
Check out his Soundcloud Twitter and Facebook pages for info on gigs and a couple freebies, Dan has also been very nice and promised me a couple of tunes which will be going on the blog when i get them! :)
Get out there and show some frickin' love people!

Tru:Tek - Nothing Without You

Free riddim from the sickheads that are Tru:Tek.

Make sure you check out their other tunes as well. They've carved out their niche, and it certainly is something to behold.


Smooth & NC-17 & Nusense - Underwater

Free tune is being given away on drum and bass arena by the badmanzzzz like Smooth & NC-17 & Nusense

Grab it here!

Large uppp :)

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Komatic and Technicolour KMAG Mix

Ez folks, been a while since I posted!

Heres a sick mix from Technicolour and Komatic, showcasing new tunes from themsleves, including Skyline Boulevard, which has just been released on Technique Recordings, which is the brainchild of Simon Bassline Smith.

Be sure to check this out, as it will contain muchos dubs!

Quick shout to for his nigh on daily upload habit, bringing you the freshest cuts, and sickest free tunes! Not to mention his support of up and coming artists, like myself, Radic and Saulya, and the man like Jaysics. Check it out, subscribe, and like the facebook page here!!/DrumsAndTheBass?ref=ts Big up this channel each and every time!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Squarepusher & Ed Banger...

Yes you read right! Squarepusher is doing a release on Ed Banger.

I'm so excited by this it's unreal! The EP is called Shoebaleader One and the track is called Cryptic Motion and comes with a remix by none other than Mr. Oizo!


Original is so nice and weird and the Oizo remix is standard awesome Oizo business.

I'm giving away these mp3s as 128s because when it's released at the end of August you should all go buy it in full quality!

So here you go:

Enjoy and please purchase when it's released...


Sunday, 1 August 2010

Hostage-A juicy red apple

Well its the end of another mad weekend and yet again i've found another fine piece of dirt for your listening pleasure! :D Hostage has really outdone himself with this one, with an old skool rave vibe mixed with disgusting bass and synths its guaranteed to fill any dancefloor and if you dont wanna flex to this one then get the fuck out!

check it out at: