Thursday, 19 August 2010

Stenchman - Free Album

Hey GuGu Blog crewdem. First off let me apologise for a lack of posts from myself recently, i've been busy sorting out some big GuGu events (which start this October - More information will be on the blog very soon!) but i'm back with a load of music for you guys.

I'm sure most dubstep fans know who Stenchman is by now so I won't babble on about him too much. The exciting news is he's giving away an album for free with some seriously weighty messy tracks! We've got it here for you to download too, of course. Big ups to Stenchman!


1 - Too Filled With Horror To Cry
2 - Prime Time Swine
3 - Archangel Remix
4 - Everything
5 - Cockeck
6 - Putrid Creature VIP
7 - Banks Of The Nile
8 - Lisztomania Remix
10 - Fuck Off
11 - Overtaker
12 - New Socks Two Socks
13 - Gutfucker VIP
14 - Gypsy Tart

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