Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Moombahluv V1 - No bros allowed.

Generation Bass Presents: Moombahluv Vol. 1...

If you didn't think that moombahton was just about the quickest moving genre on the planet, then this album is, in my humble opinion, defining proof that it is here to stay. This kind of awesome diversity in such short time shows that serious talent is afoot within the producers of this genre.

"Moombaluv" shows the more subltle sounds of moombahton, 17 carefully handselected tracks which relate to the emotion of being "in luv." The lighter, not-necessarily-club-listening, long summer nights and good times. Its so nice to see a new musical style flourish like this, if anything it makes me a little wet behind the ears with the excitement of the next little variation of this sound.

At the risk of sounding me it's a soundtrack which brings back many happy memories of good times and warm weather! :)

In the word's of GB's own DJ Umb..Moombahluv is: "to show that it’s a genre of music, not just for the clubs, but also for listening to at home or in the car, when you’re feeling down, in luv or heartbroken and in the mood for romance."

Whichever way you see it, its definitely worth a listen... be sure to check out DJ Umb's Moombahluv promo mixtape here:

And here's the best bit, its FREE!

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