Tuesday, 22 June 2010

A big ol' Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs dump...

I've been playing tunes from this chaps first EP All In One Sixty Dancehalls since I first copped it back last summer and he recently released his second EP All In Two Sixty Dancehalls and it is bloody brilliant. I would recommend you all run across to Beatport or iTunes now & purchase both EPs. To give you an idea of the new one here is a snippet from my favourite track off it...

Evveh I'm sure you'll agree...


If you don't fancy buying the EP just yet or are slightly strapped for cash then you're in luck as he is giving away a free mp3 of his track Move On so cop that....here!

Also, because I'm dead nice here's 2 other tracks by mister TEED, one is an original from his All In One Sixty Dancehalls EP and the other is a remix of Crystal Fighters - Xtatix truth...which got remixed to death last year by many a producer and this remains my firm favourite out of them all, in fact I'd go as far as to say it's one of my favourite tunes of last year. So there you go!


  1. RAAHHHHH! That Blood Pressure tune is dutttttteehhh! Big ups!

  2. Bluud pressssuree is B-B-B-BIIIIIIGGGGG! :D

  3. also the guy in the photo looks a bit like jim hahaha xD