Monday, 8 November 2010

Tribal Riot!

Something a bit different this week GuGu crew! Today its all about Tribal Riot - the biggest thing coming outta Leicester since Gary Linekar's ears! Their bio reads:

"Out of the ashes of a punk band came Tribal Riot, an electronica duo from Leicester who fuse elements of electro, metal, house and indie over broken beats. With a dynamic live show and fiery DJ sets, Tribal Riot have arrived."

With their heavy synths, banging beats and large bass sounds, these guys are the ones to watch. The punk/metal background brings in a whole new galaxy of new sounds/attitude which sets them aside from the competition! These guys WILL get you on your feet!

This week Tribal Riot have been kind enough to give us 3 exclusive tracks for you guys, so props to them for that! These tracks are 2 of their own original productions - be sure to check them out!

Download: Tribal Riot - Fire (Club Mix)

Download: Tribal Riot - Shoot To Kill

Like what you hear? Catch Tribal Riot playing a live and DJ set @ Sumo in Leicester on the 3rd December. Also be sure to check out their Soundcloud and Twitter pages to big em up! :)

Jake x

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