Wednesday, 21 July 2010

If you dont know GWK, GET TO KNO!

I know this isnt exactly the newest thing around but its definitely worth a listen if you havent already! I've managed to get my ginger mitts on a link for the full album as well for all you dedicated GuGu bloggers! :D

Ganja White Night is a dubstep live act coming from Belgium to deliver some bouncy epic bass music to the world. Three guys ready to rumble any proper sound system with their killa sound…live & direct.

Their sound is a mix between massive home-made tonal basses, organic based beats, and multi ethnical flavours from different horizons.

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Get on their myspace and show some love!

Also DL their ep "Explicit" here! I'm serious, turn it on and listen to it ALL! its good shit! :D

1.Ganja White Night - Intro (1:26)
2.Ganja White Night - Blueberry (6:06)
3.Ganja White Night - Purple Star (5:56)
4.Ganja White Night - Strawberry Cough (7:12)
5.Ganja White Night - Peace By Fear (6:53)
6.Ganja White Night - Gayfish [Explicit] (7:55)
7.Ganja White Night - Global Warming (6:51)
8.Ganja White Night - Super Haze (5:40)
9.Ganja White Night - Censura (6:01)

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